Services & value proposition

Your Own GC provides professional services in the areas of commercial contracts, corporate and securities, mergers and acquisitions, intellectual property and human resources.  Your Own GC is available to provide legal counsel in many relevant contexts.  In each unique application, the value proposition remains the same - technical proficiency with efficiency.

Fractional General Counsel.  Many emerging or small businesses have regular needs that require counsel committed to, and knowledgeable about, their operations.  Those needs may not yet justify a full time lawyer on staff.  Your Own GC can provide a block of hours or availability to service those needs including, as desired, inside your offices, embedded with your sales or other employees and/or carrying business cards with your company name on them.

Supplemental Staffing.  Some companies already have established in-house legal teams, but need additional resources during peak times of the quarter, to take advantage of new business opportunities or to cover parental leaves.  Your Own GC provides an experienced resource to supplement your existing staff in a timely, flexible and cost-effective manner.

Conventional Outside Counsel.  Your Own GC can also provide affordable legal services on an as-needed basis, including in conjunction your existing outside legal specialists.  This allows the right lawyer to be doing the right work across your company's needs.